Handcrafted Heirloom Quality Traditional and Contemporary Wooden Rocking Horses

“Childhood is captured in the love of a rocking horse”
Jeanette – Delfryn Rocking Horses

Left column Image of three Delfryn Ponies

For the last two centuries people have been fascinated by the art of Rocking Horse Making. Rocking horses have graced the homes of people all over the world since before Victorian times. With the passing of time these original horses have become valuable pieces and grace the rooms of many people from all walks of life.

Not only in the hearts of children has this love grown but in the hearts of those who appreciate the time, work and love that goes into producing these Works of Art. In more recent years they have become so much more than treasured companions of children, they have become a valued collectible for ‘Horse Lovers’ the world over.

Rocking Horses are one of the most cherished and enduring memories of childhood toys. Wouldn’t you like to give those same memories to your children, or grandchildren?

The absolute joy of passing along a horse that was ridden by you or even your child’s grandparent can be one of the most precious gifts that you can give to your child.

With an emphasis on using first quality timbers and the highest quality accessories, ‘Delfryn Rocking Horses’ endeavors to bring joy to many generations of fellow horse lovers. Each of our ‘Horse’s’ is handcrafted, to make each one an individual ‘Work of Art’ with its own unique character and personality.

Delfryn Rocking Horses, situated in the Inverell area,  are makers of Hand Crafted Heirloom Quality, Traditional and Contemporary Timber Rocking Horses. Artist/Carver Jeanette creates unique one of a kind gifts and collection pieces handmade right here in Australia.