The Delfryn Pony

“When your horse follows you without being asked, when he rubs his head on yours, and when you look at him and feel a tingle down your spine…you know you are loved.”

John Lyons

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Superb Handmade Rocking Horses crafted in the ‘Delfryn Rocking Horses” workshop from selected sustainable timbers. Our ‘Horses’ are ‘Heirloom quality’ and if cared for will last for generations, they are carefully hand crafted and each horse will be a unique addition to any home.

 Our ‘Delfryn Pony’ is fashioned along the character of a plucky little pony that is trotting along with his/her head down and tucked in. The legs are placed correctly into the trot and his/her little mouth is engaged on the bit as if he is listening intently to his/her riders commands.

Along with our usual furniture quality timbers and attention to detail your pony can also be painted in any colour or stain that the new owner can imagine. This style of horse works wonderfully as a portrait horse because you get the full benefit of being able to see the complete paintwork.

‘The ‘Delfryn Pony’ comes with a quality real horse hair mane and tail in colours to match your pony’s colouring. These are usually Black, White or Salt and Pepper.

The ‘Delfryn Pony’ then comes with a real Leather removable Treeless Miniature custom made English saddle in a choice of Black, Havana (Brown) or Tan and matching removable Bridle. All leather work is expertly made by a saddler exclusively for ‘Delfryn Rocking Horses’. A choice of black or white fabric saddle pad with matching girth guard completes the pony as if he/she where ready for the show ring.

We also have Western Saddle options which are either decorative or more functional in a choice of colours too.

With removable tack your child can learn to saddle up their own pony, making this pony more lifelike. The stand has solid brass fittings and stirrups are a quality show turn-out miniature stainless steel.

‘Delfryn’ can colour your pony in different stains and colours, and if we can be supplied with pictures we will even Airbrush your pony as a Portrait of a Treasured Horse of now or your past. (We will need good quality colour photos to match your horse as best as possible, but we can give anything a try with good descriptions on poorer quality pictures).

Your new family addition will come with a Certificate of Authenticity and a Brass Plaque with the ‘Delfryn’ Logo. If wanted we can even have a personal message also engraved into the Plaque with any details you may want such as Date or Occasion for the cost of the Engraver.

The stand comes with our exclusively designed barley twist turned stand post that can be stained in a variety of colours and top quality brass fittings.

We will also include Care Instructions.

Colour Choices.

Horse Colour Choices: Any colour can be reproduced if I can obtain the Stain or Paint to match so this is only limited by your imagination. I can paint Dapples, Paints and will even give an Appaloosa a go if asked.

Mane and Tail Colours: Black, White or Salt and Pepper.

The ‘Delfryn Pony’ stands at approximately 43″ or 110cm from ground to neck arch, 34″ or 87cm from ground to back un-saddled and 49″ or 125cm in length (base) and are suitable to carry up to 70 kilos .

Price: $3,500.00

(Western Extra Tooled Saddles are an extra $200)  

Please contact ‘Delfryn’ if you would like to place an order.