Delfryn Custom Horses

‘And God took a handful of southerly wind, blew His breath over it and created the horse’
Bedouin Legend

Images of 3 of Delfryn Rocking Horses Custom Horses


I made a Rocking Horse for someone who means an awful lot to me, I was honored to make this for him to say thank you for giving me strength through the hard times. Words nor making this horse cannot begin to express the gratitude I have for him but I hope his family find joy in his horse the way I found in making it for him. I took this rocking horse to California where I hope it will take up residency with him and his family. ‘Magnetic’ is a one of a kind at this stage.

I do hope in time to be able to make similar horses if customers are interested. No other horse will look like him but I am prepared to work along the same pattern I designed to come up with something as individual as he is.

‘So wake up sleepy one
 It’s time to save your world
 You’re where the wild things are
 Yeah, toy soldiers off to war’

James Hetfield

"Ice Cream"

‘Ice Cream’ was initially made for my daughter Emily but as she grew older she passed her on to my niece Jessica for safe keeping. Ice Cream is one of the largest horses I have made and has a detailed carved face and carved in real taxidermy eyes for realism. 

When she was originally made she was not a Unicorn but I wanted to experiment with a magical element to her, so a local wood turner made me a horn. I think she turned out pretty special.

Ice Cream started my urge to make some Unicorns. She has been used in photo shoots at my sister Vicky’s studio in the past. She was the first carving I did where I used the taxidermy eyes and I have gone on to do these on a few horses and ponies since. There is a fair bit of time goes into doing this process but they do look amazing once they are in place and the painting process begins.

Her head was used as the banner image on my original Australian web site.


The Large Bow Rocker “Zoe” has a pretty interesting story because she was a custom order for a lady in San Francisco. She was purchased as a gift from a terminally ill lady to her niece so she would always remember her by. I am not sure what happened, I have to believe that the young lady came upon hard times herself and needed to raise some money. 

During a web search my web designer came across an online Auction House in the Bay Area and low and behold “Zoe” was there in the warehouse looking lost and alone. I was so disappointed that I decided to run an advert on my Facebook page, unbeknown to the Auction House or the owner, to try to find her a home.

Fortunately a lady who had been a follower of mine from San Francisco saw my advertisement and jumped in and bought her. It was Carin who gave her the name “Zoe” after her first mare. Carin is a veterinarian who is currently serving in the US Military and “Zoe” is living with her mum awaiting her return home.