About the Artist behind Delfryn Rocking Horses

‘God forbid that I should go to any heaven in which there are no horses’
Robert B Cunningham Graham

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Hello my name is Jeanette and I am the artist/carver behind Delfryn Rocking Horses which I started in 2005. My passion has always been horses; from the minute I could walk I have had a love for these beautiful animals. Growing up I found true solace in the presence of these, my four legged friends.

I have lived all my life around woodwork and building, growing up the daughter of a carpenter and building or renovating my own homes. When over 16 years ago I began collecting and building small scale model horses I found it just didn’t satisfy the creative fire burning inside me so I decided to switch to a larger scale version.

It all started when I took a weekend carving class with Master Craftsman Chris Woolcock of ‘Renaissance Rocking Horses’ in Sydney, Australia and instantly knew I had to continue with my carving. Chris was wonderful and encouraged me to continue and I don’t know what I would have done without him and Viktoria in those early days.

With my love for horses and with the sap of wood, so to speak, running through my veins it was inevitable these two were on a collision course and the two would develop into this; the most rewarding venture (other than my children) I have ever embarked upon. Making and Designing Rocking Horses has now become my passion, my obsession, my therapy even and I am constantly thinking of new ideas. I am hoping in time this will become more obvious as the content on these pages grow and change.

My wonderful husband Brett helps me with some of the less creative aspects of Delfryn and the running of the business side of things. I have three great children Ben, Sam and Emily, but at the moment we only have my son, Sam, living at home, it’s getting quiet around the house these days.

I work very hard to bring each piece of wood to life to create a unique individual work of art that will be loved and cherished by its new owner. I can’t begin to explain to you the amount of satisfaction I get when I see the look in the eyes of children when they see and fall in love with my horses. I love to hear about how my horses are loved and what names they are given. If you would like any more information about me or my horses please feel free to contact me I am always more than happy to hear your feedback and any ideas you may have.

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